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where our furbabies are the stars............
 Here, you'll find that each FurBaby is accorded a "paw patch", complete with a short introduction, which describes to certain accuracy their personality or idiosyncracies.
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Angel joins the family as a real "Angel". She is there to brighten and kept Grandma days busy when Grandma was suffering from a negative outlook years ago. Angel is very adorable and loves to be cuddled.She has a signature head tilt whenever her family say something that interest her.....
Leng Hong


(BabyBaaz) Bubbles has this to say..."Hi, I'm
Bubbles Flufferbutt Extraordinaire, defender of the innocent.  Besides being a Movie Starlet wannabe, I'm also an asipiring lap dancer & a Marilyn Monroe Impersonator".  Age: 6 months always!
Candy & Sebastian


Bambi & Thumper are as different as night & day J. Like their namesakes in Walt Disney cartoons, Bambi is as sweet as a deer, and Thumper is as active as a bunny!!
Susanah & Sheng Chong


Barnie is the younger half of the Frelouie boys. Just 3 yrs old, he is already looking for true love and appears to have his eyes set on Bianca already. Truly a mischievous boy, Barnie often jumps up & sniffs at visiting guests' behinds (ahem, human behinds that is) J
Grace & Raymond


Bianca (with not a single mean bone in her) can often be spotted waggin' her tail and swishin' her bum when meeting other FurBabies. Right Said Fred's song "Don't Talk Just Kiss" aptly describes this truly loving & affectionate girl's favorite pastime J
Delphine & Edwin


Bubbles (aka. Ch. Frelouie Colour Me Beautiful) is 1 of Eleanor's 3 girls!  Still a "baby" in many ways, she endears herself to just about everyone with her 'baby charms'; especially when she does her famous "pray-pray" routine J.  Bubbles like her namesake, is indeed SUPER BUBBLY and such a comic too.
FurParent & FurBro:
Eleanor & Russell


Ernie - a big, lovable, friendly boy - is also 3 yrs old. A Frelouie offspring, his siblings are Barnie & Bubbles. According to his mummy, Ernie often 'steals' food (yup! he's one hungry boy) and sometimes 'scolds' his FurParents for coming home late.
Grace & Raymond


Hero & Lauren both like their names.... Hero is very bit independent and carefree whereas Lauren is sweet and delightful just like Lisa favourite fragrance, Polo Ralph Lauren.
Lisa & Steve


Kyle (Aust & Spore Ch Brumeux I Shoodbesolucky-Imp Aust) is a big gentleman, which is why he always ends up getting bullied by Vince. Being close to 12 y.o. soon, he loves to sleep and minds his own business now a days, except when there is food. Like Vince, he loves to attend dog shows, even at this age. Cant blame him, after all he is a "Contest of Winners" finalist (Aust), Perth Royal show Best in Group winner, back to back Best of Breed Royal winner 


Lizzy is a 4-year old babe, crowned as Ms CCK, has never failed to invite admiring eyes on her whenever she makes an apperance. Her most lethal weapon is her pair of lovely eyes which melt everyone's heart. No one has ever "escaped" from it without giving in to a nice warm belly rub.Words to describe her? Smart, Understanding, Timid, Pretty and Sweet..... the list will go on.
Trenna & Daniel


Mac recently celebrated his 4th birthday. A handsome-lookin' chap, he's shy around the girls and never exhibits any overtures.  Mac loves mummy's home-cooked mutton and good ole games like "FETCH".


Maomao who came to this sunny island from Austrailia is a sweetie who melts your heart the moment you sets eyes on her. Her favourite game is chasing grandpa around the house and walking all over uncle(mummy's brother).She loves to help arranging slippers & shoes. Sometimes she will shift the shoes to the garden and sometimes to the living room so that the family members can have their shoes anytime and anywhere :)
Jolly & Francis


Mei Mei who is a fashion queen owns about 30 odd outfits and a few bottles of doggie perfume. She likes to put on her dresses and what a show off she can be. Once the family starts gathering her carrier & goodies with her dress for the day's outing, she would hurried her furparent by whinning until she gets her dress on and in the carrier she goes. Within a minute, she is out of the house in a Honda ST1100 motobike at 90 miles an hour with a happy grin on her face.
Ling Ling & Rick


Momo "the Peachboy" is 9 years old already! He used to be the "lao-da" of the group, but has now to address Simon as 'elder brother' J.  Even though 'out-ranked', he stills keeps the young pups in check during our many gatherings.
Mona & Bernard


Peaches just celebrated her 3rd birthday in December. Active and always looking for some action, she often seeks out the boys for some rough play.  BTW, did you know that her full name is PEACHES-AND-CREAM? Did you also know that she can execute a perfect "roll-over"?
FurParent & FurSis:
Esther & Evonne


Puffi celebrated his 1st birthday with a BIG
BANG!  While he used to be the "Happy Wanderer",
lately he has taken upon himself to "guard" Auntie
Eleanor's girls and is often hanging around Pebbles,
Bubbles & Sara (during outings that is).
Jaime & Adric


Pebbles is 7-yrs-old, but is still as boisterous as she was in her younger days.  Albeit her 'senior status' (she is mummy to Bubbles, Barnie & Ernie!!), she is as playful and cheery today!  Sometimes she still exhibits (what her mummy calls) 'whiny' behaviour but we all know it's because she adores Eleanor so!!!
FurParent & FurBro:
Eleanor & Russell


Saffie stands for Sweet, Affectionate, Forever Funny, Idyllic and Extraordinary. Shes most attractive when she stretches out her two front legs and rest on her stomach. Hah! Im sure all the male bichons out there are starting to drool now! ;) Her favorite games are playing with her squeaky ball and playing catching with mommy.

FurParent & FurGrandparents:
Narelle, Lynette & Jerome


Sparky aka Xiaobai was BFLC first rehoming project. When Sparky first arrived at his new home, he is hesitant about his new surrounding. Now, he is guarding his fortress like he has never done before. This shows that he loves his new family as much as they love him :)
Alan, Sharon & Candice


Snowy is turning 2yrs old this coming May. Her biggest wish is to celebrated her coming birthday with all her friends! She can be very shy at times but do not be decieved by her shyness. She is one affectionate Bichon :)


Sara is Pebbles' half-sister (of the same sire but
different dams) and is 6 yrs old as of Dec 2002.
She is every bit the fair princess that her name
suggests and never plays rough with the boys.
Often she "hangs back", watching others play
from afar, preferring not to mess up her coiffed
hairdo J... "so precious" & "so delicate" is how
Eleanor describes her.
FurParent & FurBro:
Eleanor & Russell


Vince (Spore Ch Daejilon Ranieri -Imp Aust) - More well-known as "Pai Gia" ("Hooligan" in Hokkein) at home and to those who know him. Never fails to give his mommy lotsa headaches. Despite being a rascal, he is very endearing by nature. That’s why those who know him usually love him and cuddle him like a little baby. P/s: He likes to shake his bum like Ricky Martin!


Winter ( Ch. Frelouie Guardian O'Winter) came into this world on 12-OCT-2002 and got her Champion title when she was 11 months. Mummy has more plans & high hopes for this little Bichon.We'll get to see more & more of Winter in the show ring for the next few seasons.
Jaime & Adric